The Matrix Protocol: Towards (Semi)-Permanent Transference into an Alternate Reality Space
Workshop with Dr. Andrew Gallimore

The idea that we might one day leave our material body behind and “upload” our consciousness into some alternate discarnate realm seems like something from the pages of a science-fiction novel. However, I believe we are already close to being able to create a technology that will render such a scenario possible.  In this workshop I will go deep into what I call the Induction-Immersion-Integration (III) (or “Matrix”) Protocol that could allow a willing subject to be induced into an alternate reality space, orient themselves and achieve full immersion in the new world and then, finally, for their neural architecture to fully integrate with that reality. This will effectively amount to a complete transference of consciousness into the alternate reality for as long as basic bodily functions can be maintained. Before tackling the details of the III Protocol, we will need to discuss in depth how the brain generates the information with which it constructs the subjective world we all live within and how this relates to the external world (how the brain “tunes into” our reality). I will then discuss how DMT, in particular, is able to trigger a highly specific “channel switch” effect in the brain, allowing it to “tune into” normally hidden alternate reality spaces. Finally, we will be ready to discuss in detail the principles behind the III Protocol and how they might eventually be implemented in humans. 

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