Techniques for Exploring Your Higher Mind: Creating the Ultimate Experiment
Workshop with Tracey Garbutt Dolan
Sunday, June 4, 2023
Location: Discovery Room

We study the philosophy and science of the mind, but are we driving to experientially understand our own mind? Could our mind be the greatest untapped resource of all? In the second of Tracey’s two presentations at CITD 2023, she continues her lecture series, “The Final Frontier is in Here.” In this workshop, she discusses her personal passion that we human beings are “The Greatest Experiment Unrealized,” and that we should be the ones studying the vastness of our mind’s inner frontiers as a means of the evolution of self. Can we conduct an experiment on ourselves in order to explore our higher mind? Absolutely. Tracey will discuss her decades of exploration into several experiential Schools of Mind to examine how you might use the learnings of such disciplines as: Remote Viewing Self Dream Study and Lucid Dreaming The Gateway Experience, including Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) Blindfolded work Precognition Self programming  Psychology She will describe how you can use these and related techniques to create a rich personal experiment that generates a bridge to exploring your own deeper mind. This will include strategies to overcome such personal obstacles as resistance and doubt. Unlocking the potential of our inner realms will not only bring greater insight into ourselves and the world around us, but it will also be a fulfilling endeavor to understand more about our own uniqueness.

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