A New View of Stonehenge: Elongated Skulls & A Lost Goddess Tradition
Workshop with Maria Wheatley
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Independence Room

Over five thousand years ago, Stonehenge became the spiritual capital of ancient Britain. But who were the Neolithic people that raised the vast megalithic temples of earth and stone across England’s ceremonial landscape, and what did they look like? Maria’s ground-breaking research reveals that the Neolithic people were long-headed (elongated skulls), showing that their long-lost legacy and repressed history is nothing short of fascinating. Maria will introduce you to Stonehenge’s High Queens and Kings, spiritual leaders and metaphysical practices. The long-headed people were the first civilization to activate and lay out a vast earth energy system. They identified powerful earth energy patterns emitted by deep underground water from far beneath the Earth’s surface; as well as ley and grid lines, and they placed standing stones and stone circles above them, creating geodetic power places. Maria explores the invisible energies that the Earth emits to reveal the hidden dynamics of sacred sites worldwide. Presenting scientific evidence, Maria shows how the ancients produced megalithic energy and she explores how a stone circle can influence the mind, body, and spirit. Decoding earth energies and ancient sites allow us to understand ancient geomantic wisdom and the nuances of the earth. With this deeper awareness, we can understand the energetic dynamics of our homes and the land upon which we live in order to work with the Earth and not against her, as did our distant ancestors.

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