Workshop with Freddy Silva

The era around 9700 BC didn’t lack excitement. The Earth crossed a path of cosmic debris, and the collision resulted in a global flood whose waves reached Tibet. Myths describe surviving groups of wisdom keepers, architects and gods embarking on a temple rebuilding program “at carefully chosen locations,” a period that coincides with the sudden civilizing of the human race. New evidence reveals the stories to be less myth and more eyewitness accounts. Who were these gods? What evidence exists of their handiwork? And has our obsession with Atlantis and Lemuria limited our knowledge of the other six homelands of the gods? Presenting stunning new evidence from New Zealand, Yucatan, Gobekli Tepe, the Andes, and the Nile, you’ll discover the identity of this global brotherhood, their legacy, and the location of the previously unknown island of one group called the Anu-naga.

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