Profound Real-Time & Long Term Effects of the Phoenix Lights Mass Sighting
Workshop with Dr. Lynne Kitei
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Endeavor Room

The March 13, 1997 Arizona mass UFO sightings, known worldwide as the “Phoenix Lights”, have been hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important anomalous aerial events in Modern History. After 22 years of meticulously studying the credible data, the facts show that there was a parade of silent mile to 8-mile-wide V/triangle/boomerang formations of orbs and 10 different craft, witnessed by over 10,000 at low altitude throughout Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada, for over a dozen hours. GAP Project Besides sharing the credible hard data and how the Phoenix Lights story unfolded through the Media, which are the focus of Dr. Kitei’s CITD Presentation on Friday morning at 10:45 am in the Main Inspiration Amphitheater, an intense study of thousands of detailed Phoenix Lights witness reports throughout the past 22 years reveals a riveting real-time and long-term after-effect of the Unexplained Phenomenon, what key witness, Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. calls an UP, including non-threatening telepathic communications, as well as a powerful positive transformation and knowing by the witness that we are not alone FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Dr. Kitei reveals that she has been communicating with “dimensional intelligences” since her own 1956 Near Death Experience at the tender age of 8 years old. Are these “otherworldly” entities connected to the Phoenix Lights? Are the three-giant hooded “beings” she met during her childhood NDE connected to the 3 giant orbs that appeared in a pyramid/triangle array right outside her bedroom window on her birthday eve in 1995? Or just a coincidence? In addition to this intriguing and personal aspect of the Phoenix Lights, Dr. Kitei will take a comprehensive look at how the historic and still unexplained 1997 AZ mass UFO sightings effected other witnesses at a similar deep soul level, as well as the profound connection between ALL Unexplained Phenomena – whether near death, out of body or unexplained aerial phenomena experiences that are associated with a mystical light – similar to the Phoenix Lights. This SPECIAL Workshop will include an intriguing Power Point Presentation, in addition to an in-depth discussion of how you can communicate with intelligences “out there”. A hand out of 10 ways you can build your own connection to the Living Energy Universe will also be distributed to Workshop participants.

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