Intensive with Mary Rodwell
Monday, June 1, 2020
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Independence Room

This one-day experiential workshop is for those who seek to explore in depth the understanding of how the conscious self communicates and connects to the Multidimensional Self, the Multiverse, and the invisible worlds therein. Objectives Become confident and conscious of how you access andinteract with the non-physical realm & its living forces. Learn how to access and recognize the energy signatures of intelligences that support you within the various frequencies of life forms in existence. Learn how to challenge and question your communication within the various accessible dimensions. Develop ways of protecting yourself and your energy field so that you only connect with the higher spiritual realms of existence that will support your human journey and how you can discern the difference. Awaken the teacher-self, which some term the superconscious or oversoul. How to establish boundaries: Securing Conscious boundaries as you firm your connection to these intelligences with both heart and soul resonance. Explore the process of channeling, and how it works on the various levels of communication. Discover the identity of non-human intelligences that support you on your human journey. Develop techniques on how to communicate with them.

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