Workshop with Laura Eisenhower
Monday, July 1, 2019
Location: Enterprise Room

In this workshop Laura will discuss how to work with planetary energies and their higher octaves, how to overcome the shadow side connected with the Saturn/Moon Matrix and will explain how that all operates. She will share about the impact it has had on us and what we can do to break through the Net and find true Sovereignty in connection with Zero/point Unified field.. She will help us to understand the benevolent races, the full spectrum of the Galactic Zodiac, the current hosting of the Ascension Timeline and also the merging of the Andromedan and Galactic core. She will discuss the tactics dark Controller forces are using to separate us from our divine potential and will help us strengthen our discernment and our ability to activate our DNA. She will shed light on what is happening on a Cosmic and Earth level, including the continued effort of controller forces, to trap us in AI and artificial Timelines. She will help to inspire our potential movement into our Avatar Consciousness.

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