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Saturday, June 26, 2021
Time: 1:15pm - 2:45pm
Location: Atlantis Room

Terry Lovelace is a six year active duty member of the USAF. He is a retired lawyer living in Dallas and a former assistant attorney general. In June, 1977 while on active duty, he and his friend Toby were abducted from their tent while remote camping in Devils Den State Park, in N.W. Arkansas. Fearing backlash from his peers in the legal community, he kept the details of his abduction and harsh treatment at the hands of USAF security police to himself. He retired from the State of Vermont in January, 2012. In October a routine x-ray of his leg disclosed two “anomalous” objects deep in his right knee. This discovery was the catalyst to disclose the details of his 1977 abduction publicly. Also disclosed are his childhood experiences and lifelong interaction with non-human entities. In 1987 he experienced two hours of missing time. As recently as April 16, 2019 he experienced an abduction that was recorded on his iPhone’s health app that shows on that date a 5:24 AM he was sixty feet above his residence. Anecdotal evidence of an alien abduction. Also discussed are facts revealed in his second book, DEVILS DEN: THE RECKONING, released in December 2020, a #1 in New Releases on Amazon, hitting #1 Bestseller status in February. New information revealed and hopefully time for Q&A.

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