Workshop with Mary Rodwell
Monday, July 1, 2019
Location: Independence Room

Human evolution and development are taking startling turns. As mutation and hybridization become Read More scientific realities, our species is growing in unexpectedly new ways. In this unique workshop, join Mary Rodwell to explore the evidence behind human hybrids, missing pregnancies, dual consciousness, ‘walk-in’ souls, and OBE consciousness swaps in human and non-human forms. Mary will ask the pressing questions about our spiritual and spatial connections. How is cross-sentience communication possible and sensed? What is our reality and how will we experience it through multidimensional awareness, ‘high senses,’ OBE experiences, parallel universes, timelines and portals. This workshop will reveal: The types and forms of hybrid humans A 17-year-old New Human hybrid who will explain her understanding What dual consciousness is, and how it is experienced The nature of hybrids and their levels of conscious awareness Communication and downloads from nonhuman intelligences Who and what walk-ins and soul swaps mean How we can find understanding, of who we really are Strategies and multi-dimensional “tools” that can help us How multidimensional abilities are experienced Can I trust what I understand of this heightened awareness? What other resources can be helpful? Can we communicate with animals, plants, and other forms of matter? International speaker, former nurse/midwife, counsellor, and hypnotherapist Mary Rodwell is internationally recognized for research into contact with nonhuman intelligences and star-children phenomena. Mary has worked with over 3000 cases globally, mostly involving families and children. The workshop offers a confidential, safe, environment to explore these topics and heightened awareness and information that you are experiencing to gain information that will help to provide clarity. Each workshop is structured to meet the group participant needs.

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