Workshop with Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim
Saturday, May 30, 2020
Time: 9:15pm - 10:45pm
Location: Toulon Room

Are you an abductee or know someone who is? Do you or someone you know have symptoms of PTSD as a result of their encounter? If so, then this unique workshop may have some answers to help you better understand the abduction experience and the intricate role the Abductee will play within future disclosure. Alien abductions and UFO sightings are not only ongoing, but they are on the rise. The messages that experiencers are receiving correlate with one another, and are clear: take care of the environment, prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction, and more. Few people in government have been listening to, much less concerned about the health and welfare of the human messengers – the abductees – many of whom suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). That is all about to change in this new era of disclosure. In this workshop, Dr. Solheim, who has worked with military veterans with PTSD for more than 25 years and who is a US Army veteran and abductee himself, will share data from abductees who have taken a modified Veteran’s Administration PTSD checklist survey. In addition to analyzing the data and explaining the nature of PTSD, Dr. Solheim will discuss coping skills and strategies for abductees and their loved ones. In this workshop you will discover that the abductees actually have a vital mission, and will play a critical role in helping save humanity and the planet after full disclosure.

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