Intensive with Mary Rodwell
Monday, June 3, 2019
Location: Independence Room

Awakening to Contact is a unique opportunity to understand the complexity of Contact with Non-Human Intelligences, the possible programs and agendas, and why this is happening. Here we will gain new information to expand your awareness for integration and healing, as well as: ● Explore any fears or phobias in relation to your experiences ● Connect with individuals having experiences ● Offer individuals an opportunity to share their story ● Understanding and accessing your ‘intuitive’ awareness and psychic abilities ● How can regression hypnosis help? ● The misconceptions regarding hypnosis ● Can I be hypnotized? ● Experience a trance state ● Resources who can I turn to? ● How can this heightened awareness support your understanding? ● Parents with children experiencing encounters (i.e., star-children), how can you help and support them? What are the ‘indicators’ this is happening to them? The workshop offers a confidential, safe, environment for any individual wishing to share their encounter experiences. Mary Rodwell is an International speaker, former nurse/midwife, counselor, and hypnotherapist. Author of Awakening and The New Human, Mary has worked with over 3000 cases globally, mostly involving families and children with contact experiences.

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