Intensive with Michael Salla
Monday, June 3, 2019
Location: Discovery Room

Cosmic rays that have been observed emanating out of Antarctica. Could this incredible phenomenon have something to do with an undiscovered energy system at the core of the planet, and the Expanding Earth Hypothesis? Startling scientific data points to such a connection. Like the sun, this unknown energy system is being directly impacted by cosmic rays pouring into our solar system at unprecedented levels. Earth’s energy core is being ignited to cause the activation of the volcanic system in Antarctica, and is building up to trigger both an expansion of the planet and a pole shift. Antarctica changed position eons ago with devastating results for its advanced inhabitants. Intriguing prophetic literature tells the fate of some of these long-lost peoples, some of whom left our world for new homes in the stars and will soon return. This Intensive will focus on scientific data establishing a direct relationship between Antarctica and pole shifts due to the accumulation and/or melt off of the polar ice sheets. It will be shown how the melting of the West Antarctica ice shelf is being driven by a massive volcanic system that lies under the ice sheets that has become highly active due to cosmic rays. Finally, a wave of prophetic visions of the Earth moving into the Fourth and Fifth dimensions will be shown as directly connected to the scientific data on a coming pole shift and Earth’s expansion, mind- blowingly encompassing multidimensional levels and an incredible destiny for some of humanity.

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