Lecture with Alan Steinfeld
Friday, June 25, 2021

Alan Steinfeld will talk about the various ways of making contact with the cosmic ‘others’ as outlined in his new book Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities on Extraterrestial Existence. The particular focus for this talk will be to show the relationship between UFOs, Consciousness and Quantum physics. With a triangulation of such subjects he will demonstrate how the principles of consciousness are intimately connected to the way other worldly crafts maneuver through time and space. He will highlight the ATTIP documents leaked by the Pentagon saying: “What was once considered the phenomena is now quantum physics.” He will also focus on what is meant by Cognitive environments that were also acknowledged by the government, as well as reviewing the once classified paper by Eric Davis on Transverable Wormholes for Hyperspace travel.  The talk will go on to highlight the quote by the renown psychiatrist John Mack who declared that:  “We’re dealing with a phenomenon which violates our sense of reality, and which operates in this gray area between the physical world and the subjective. We’re being asked to prove this by the methods of the physical sciences alone. But those methods, in my view, will not yield its secrets, until we discover other ways of knowing.” By other ways of knowing meaning how to apprehend the abstract awareness; how to maintain the power of conscious superposition; how not to collapse the wave function into comprehension; and how to live in the apprehension that can transverse time and space.

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