Galactic Contact: Principles & Practices for Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
Intensive with Adam Apollo
Monday, June 1, 2020
Location: Endeavor Room

Explore the fundamental internal conditioning practices used by ancient cultures around the world to prepare their bodies, emotions, and minds to unlock Telepathy and Astral Travel. Through the cultivation of aether, chi, qi, prana, or vital life force, and intentional guidance of its currents through the body, pathways of consciousness open up which allow higher sensory perception, and advanced metaphysical practices. These practices are foundational to the cultures of most extraterrestrial species who visit Earth, as they are critical to interfacing with Superluminal Starship technology, guidance and navigation systems, as well as Interstellar Communication and coordination. Join Adam Apollo for this Jedi-like training and prepare yourself to make contact on your own, while gaining the fundamental insights into how to travel the Galaxy through your own Body Starship, and eventually lead others in doing so…

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