Intensive with Graham Hancock
Monday, June 3, 2019
Location: Endeavor Room

For quarter of a century Graham Hancock has been a leading figure in the quest to unravel the mysteries of our collective past. Often sparking furious controversy, Hancock’s bestselling books, his TV appearances and his strong presence on the internet have put his ideas before tens of millions worldwide and have awakened the global public to truly extraordinary and astonishing possibilities in the human story that have hitherto been neglected by science. If you are a fan of Graham Hancock, or merely curious about his work, then this intensive is for you. It will be structured around 5 short presentations each of which will be followed by questions and answers allowing detailed and creative interaction. Graham’s objective is not only to present information but to hear and discuss ideas, theories and suggestions from the audience. The 5 presentations that will provide the framework for the discussions are as follows: • Egypt’s Great Pyramid is the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. What are the reasons for its unique power and mystique? • What happens to us when we die? Is death the end? Or the beginning of our next great adventure? • What is consciousness and why is it the greatest mystery of science? • There is overwhelming evidence for the existence advanced sciences and technologies in remote antiquity when our ancestors were supposedly just hunter-gatherers. Were ancient aliens responsible? Or a lost human civilization? Or perhaps both? • Why is America the missing piece of the puzzle?

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