A SkyTour LiveStream: Live Remote Observatory Event!

What lies just out of reach at night behind light polluted skies? Have you ever wished you could be taken on a guided tour of the universe over your head? What if we told you that not only is that possible, but we can do it live and in person!? SkyTour LiveStream brings you the universe live in real time. Our live streams are broadcast all over the world and people watch from the comfort of their living rooms, at conferences and on their phones. Run by an actual astronomer, each session takes you to different objects in the night sky overhead with our remote telescopes and show you the objects in all their glory, and in their rich vibrant colors. Our astronomer, Marc Dantonio tells you all about the object we are looking at in lay terms and delivers this information in an entertaining and exciting manner. How did this object form? What is it? Where is it and how far away is it?

During our sessions we look at the importance of these objects to life on earth. The truth is, what lies out there that we can see in our telescopes is fundamentally the same as what started life here in our solar system so understanding what’s out there helps us learn more about what actually happened here.

Sky tour live stream is a not-for-profit organization. Join us! It’s free!

Find us at youtube.com/@STLS or at www.SkyTourLive.org.

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