New Faces & Places to Explore at CITD 2023

Perhaps you haven’t seen all the new people and new journeys to experience at this year’s CONTACT in the DESERT 2023? For your convenience, we have put together a page of all our newest additions and their presentations! Click the Read More button to view more info, or click their link to see their presentations and times.

If you haven’t already secured your pass, please don’t procrastinate and secure your passes now! Additional workshops and intensives can be purchased up to the time of the event. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Matthew James Bailey
Duane Ollinger
Sean Cahill
Mitch Randall
Linda Ellison
Marc D’Antonio
Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh
Mr. M
Dr. Paul H. Smith
Alejandro Gonzales
Michele Meiners
Jonathan Dover
Stanley Milford Jr.
Seth Shostak
Tracey Garbutt
Joel Garbon
Dea Martin
Melinda Leslie
Jay Christopher King
Jennifer Stein
Chrissy Newton
Michael O’Sedona

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