Maria Wheatley
Maria is a second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers, her late father and Chinese geomants. Maria is a leading authority on geodetic earth energies, ley lines and stone circles. Maria is an accomplished author of books on sacred sites and dowsing. She has continued her late father’s dowsing research into the esoteric design canons of prehistoric sites, Druidic ceremonial enclosures and the Knights Templar’s churches and cathedrals.

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One of Maria’s major finds was that the ancient British Neolithic people had long skulls. She discovered a long skulled High Queen of Stonehenge in the vaults of Cambridge University which had not been seen since the 1930’s. Further research revealed that the actual skull shape influenced prehistoric megalithic designs. The early elongated skulled civilisation constructed long barrows and elongated shaped Cursus monuments and the later round skulled Bronze Age (Beaker) culture only constructed round barrows, round towers and round stone circles. Their hidden and forgotten history is unfolding which Maria is about to publish in her latest book The Secret History of Stonehenge –Oracle of the Gods
Maria has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory at Bath and Oxford University. Alongside other professionals, Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state-of-the-art equipment to detect and interpret the hidden frequencies of the Earth. She is an expert on locating and analysing earth energies at sacred sites across Europe. Maria runs which offers certificated courses on holistic subjects including past life regression, Druid Soul Star astrology, tarot and dowsing. Maria teaches advanced dowsing techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world.
Stonehenge: The Longheaded Civilisation & Earth Energies

In this unforgettable lecture, Maria Wheatley presents a fascinating new take on Stonehenge. The long-headed, long-lost civilization of ancient Britons chose Stonehenge as their spiritual capital in the late Neolithic …

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A New View of Stonehenge: Elongated Skulls & A Lost Goddess Tradition

Over five thousand years ago, Stonehenge became the spiritual capital of ancient Britain. But who were the Neolithic people that raised the vast megalithic temples of earth and stone across …

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