Lori Smiskol

Dr. Lori Smiskol, BCND, is located in Sedona, Arizona. She is a holistic educator, international speaker, intuitive reader, energy practitioner, and hands-on healer. She specializes in frequency medicine, using es for her clients to “Live Pain-Free”, body, mind, and spirit.

Since her own discovery and awakening through “Soul Traveling”, beginning at the age of 20, she has had numerous experiences both worldly and galactically, of past and future lives. With this expertise, Dr. Lori offers further insight into “How to Soul Travel through Time and Space”, navigating a New Paradigm On Earth, using the quantum field and auric-colored crystal lights during her in-person and remote sessions.

Over 15 years ago, Dr. Lori was introduced to interdimensional “light orbs” during a retreat in the Temple of Isis and Karnak of Egypt, where she experienced personal enlightenment and a deep reconnection to the Egyptian Pharaohs and Queens. They reminded her of who she is and how to introduce others to their own light orb family of love and bliss.

Since moving to Sedona, Dr. Lori met Victoria Liljenquist, an Andromedan Commander of the New Jerusalem ship. Victoria taught Dr. Lori how to use her cell phone camera to call in interdimensional UFOs, Merkabahs, Lightships, and other fascinating phenomena of geometrical shapes, symbols, and auric colors.

Lori looks forward to demonstrating how to capture exciting videos, so be sure to bring your charged-up cell phones. You are in for a spectacular beaming light-filled experience! https://sedonanewagestore.com/psychics/lori/

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