Dr. Jeffrey Long

Jeffrey Long, M.D. is a radiation oncology physician practicing in Kentucky. Over 20 years ago he founded the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF, nderf.org). Dr. Long has investigated over 4000 near-death experiences (NDEs), which is by far the largest number of NDEs ever scientifically studied. The results of his previous research were published in the New York Times bestselling book Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences. Portions of the NDERF website have been translated into over 30 different languages allowing the largest cross-cultural study of NDEs in history. Millions of people have seen Dr. Long discuss his research on shows including the NBC Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, National Geographic television, History Channel, The O’Reilly Factor, CBS Inside Edition, and on television broadcasts around the world. Dr. Long’s interest in the consciousness in NDEs led to him being an authority on general issues of consciousness, and more recently, artificial intelligence.

Evidence of the Afterlife: Groundbreaking New Findings from the Largest Near-Death Experience Study Ever Reported

Jeffrey Long, M.D. has scientifically studied over 4000 near-death experiences (NDEs). He will review his NDE research that found powerful evidence of the afterlife. Dr. Long will present his current …

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Near-Death Experiences: Encounters with Non-Earthly Consciousness and Extraterrestrial Life

Jeffrey Long, M.D. established the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). In the over 20 years of NDERF’s existence, its nderf.org website has received and posted over 4000 near-death experiences (NDEs) …

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