Greg Sullivan

Greg Sullivan is a researcher, author, experiencer, and musician who lives in Japan and coordinates JCETI. The Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a research organization currently working to expand awareness about positive human futures, ET Disclosure and benevolent ET contact in Japan. Since 2010, JCETIhas led a new wave of ET contact and Ascension work in Japan. Greg has been active in Japanese TV and print media for more than 10 years. His publications include five books in Japanese, several appearances in well-known spiritual magazines ’Star People’ and‘Anemone’, and a monthly series of articles in Dr.Masaru Emoto’s IHM World. Since 2018 he has provided Ascension support through private sessions, group work, and online courses to thousands of students. Currently, through JCETI Japan Youtube channel this work is reaching tens of thousands as well. In the US, JCETI contributed a chapter in the anthology“Paths to Contact” and he has a new release scheduled for 2022. In 2020 he made a guest appearance in the documentary ‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind’interviewed by Dr. Steven Greer. He has also been a long-time guest on ECETI’s As You Wish Radio and The Hundredth Monkey Radio.

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