Douglas Taylor

Douglas Taylor is a multi-talented visionary artist, author, speaker, surfer and home builder. During much of his youth, he was a surfer traveling around the world searching for that illusive perfect wave. He never quite found that perfect wave but his travels stimulated his adventurous spirit. He developed a profound appreciation of nature and its healing and rejuvenating effects in his life. In 1978, on one of his surfing trips to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, Douglas experienced a life-changing encounter, finding himself inside a starship and telepathically communicating with its extra-terrestrial occupants. They were human in appearance with advanced abilities, exceptional science and spiritual wisdom. He felt a new surge of excitement and expansion of mind, far more than he ever thought humans could be capable of experiencing. On his return from this trip, Douglas began having many strange and wonderful psychic experiences that profoundly changed his life. It seemed that a door was now opened to the next step in his spiritual progress. He felt inspired to begin his first attempts at both writing and painting without having any previous artistic background and out flowed a profusion of paintings and writings. Aided by a series of beautiful communications in visions and dreams with extraterrestrial and celestial beings over the years, he continues to show his inspiration in his writing, painting, and teaching. Douglas is sought after to speak and exhibit his art at many conscious events, conferences and art galleries. His presentations and multi-media creations inspire others to overcome their self-imposed limitations and move forward in their individual fields of healing, creativity and spiritual progress.

CITD 2024 Presentations


Puerto Rico, an Extraterrestrial Gateway!

Serena and Douglas have just returned from another adventurous visit to Puerto Rico. They will share some amazing encounters from witnesses, the latest discoveries from their friend, investigator Jorge Martin …

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