Dr. Andrew Gallimore

Dr. Andrew Gallimore is a computational neurobiologist, chemical pharmacologist, and writer, living and working in Tokyo. He is the author of a range of articles and research papers on the science of psychedelic drug action, as well as two books: Alien Information Theory: Psychedelic Drug Technologies and the Cosmic Game and the recently released Reality Switch Technologies: Psychedelics as Tools for the Discovery and Exploration of New Worlds. His current interests lie in the neuropharmacology and ontological implications of psychedelics, and how they might be developed as tools for communication with alien intelligences inaccessible to normal waking consciousness.

Twitter: @alieninsect
Website: alieninsect.net
YouTube channel: youtube.com/c/alieninsect
Substack: Alien Insect On Drugs — https://alieninsect.substack.com/ 




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