2020 LIVE Podcasts

CITD is pleased to welcome our special podcast hosts to record live interviews and episodes at CITD 2020. Click on each podcast to learn more about the hosts and the podcast. More information about the special guest interviews is coming soon.

Full Weekend Pass required to attend conference.

Friday Podcast

Fade to Black LIVE Broadcast from CITD 2020

Jimmy Church will be hosting FADE to BLACK live from Contact in the Desert with many guest speakers live in front of a studio audience and broadcasting to the world! This is your chance to see all of your favorite authors and researchers interviewed on a national radio broadcast, ask …

Saturday Podcast

Bigfoot Collector’s Club

Actors and armchair crypto-zoologists MICHAEL MCMILLIAN and BRYCE JOHNSON join celebrity guests (comedians, actors, writers, paranormal experts) for casual and enlightening discussions about weird incidents throughout history. Have space hobgoblins visited Kentucky? Can Sasquatch slide between dimensions? Are there really Dogmen roaming the dairy farms of Wisconsin? Whether you are …

Sunday Podcast

Somewhere in the Skies

LIVE podcast recording with host Ryan Sprague. More information coming soon…

Sunday Podcast

The Cryptid Factor

The Cryptid Factor is a paranormal podcast looking at the weird and focussing on cryptozoology. Founding members Rhys Darby and David Farrier started it as a radio show in New Zealand in 2009. Realising they had no idea how to use the radio station equipment, they brought in a friend …

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