Mars, Interstellar Travel and Habitats 

Saturday, June 3, 2023
Time: 10:35am – 12:20pm
Location: Crystal Amphitheater


We have all stared up at the night sky wondering, what is out there? 

The idea of exploring new worlds, discovering extraterrestrial life, and other habitable environments, is both thrilling and inspiring. How will we get there? What are the potential dangers and obstacles we must overcome to traverse the endless wonders of our Universe, and possibly beyond? 

Global space agencies are in a current race to Mars as an expedition and settlement for the human race. It is the next step in humanity’s leap for the stars.

Explore the mysteries of interstellar travel by scientists and experts, as they discuss the leading advancements in the science and engineering that is needed to traverse the cosmos. 


Panel Host:

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