There is Much More to the Phoenix Lights Story!: How the Phoenix Lights & Mass Media Are Raising Global Awareness That We Are Not Alone
Lecture with Dr. Lynne Kitei
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Inspiration Room

The March 13, 1997 Arizona mass UFO sightings, known worldwide as the “Phoenix Lights”, have been hailed as the most witnessed, most documented and most important anomalous aerial events in Modern History. After 22 years of meticulous documentation and study of the credible data, the facts show that there was a parade of silent mile to 8-mile-wide V/triangle/boomerang arrays of orbs, as well as 10 different craft, witnessed by over 10,000 people at low altitude throughout Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada, for over a dozen hours. GAP Project
What makes the still unexplained 1997 mass UFO Event even more intriguing, is that these aerial anomalies had been appearing for weeks, years, even centuries before that fateful day. In addition, one of the most profound real-time and long-term effects of the Phoenix Lights Unexplained Phenomenon – what key witness, Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. calls an UP – included non-threatening telepathic communication, as well as a powerful positive transformation and knowing by the witness that we are not alone, which Dr. Kitei will detail during her workshop.
We are fortunate indeed that Dr. Kitei pushed aside her accomplished Medical career for the past two decades to diligently study, document and disseminate the important Phoenix Lights data.
Special for the CITD 2019 Conference, as a scientist, physician, educator and experiencer, Dr. Kitei will share her extraordinary collection of military and university authenticated 35-mm photographs, as well as her stunning signature footage captured during the 1997 Arizona mass sighting, which to this day cannot be explained or denied. She will also delve into the intriguing “coincidences”, PLUS the profound impact that these anomalous phenomena and their on-going coverage by mass and social media are having on global consciousness – particularly in the minds and hearts of future generations.
As Dr. Kitei has stated, “It is time we get this Topic out in the open – address it, accept it and study it – so we can find out who is driving these things, as well as move forward in our own evolution”.
To that end, Dr. Kitei’s CITD Presentation is vitally important and unique in the realm of Ufology. She is the only first-hand Phoenix Lights witness to capture 35-mm of the True Unknowns to date, which are featured in many of the Media Reports she will share – including coverage by every TV Network, as well as the Travel, History, Discovery, Science & National Geographic Channels. In addition, she will present rare local TV News Reports beginning the day after the 1997 mass UFO sighting to the present.
Dr. Kitei’s tireless dedication to document and share the most credible data, gives us a special peek into how the Phoenix Lights story unfolded through the Media – from the detailed witness reports, to the military, pilots and government reaction, to the failed attempt by three air national guard units to re-enact the Phoenix Lights in 2000, to the AZ Governor’s riveting personal announcement in 2008 after mocking the mass sighting in 1997, to confirmation of funded UFO studies by the U.S. Government, to the recent internationally televised disclosure by eminent Feature Film star, Kurt Russell, who actually witnessed the Phoenix Lights (while Dr. Kitei was filming them) during the 3.13.97 mass UFO sighting 22 years ago!
There is MUCH MORE to the Phoenix Lights story…