What is Missing in the UAP/UFO Discussion of 2023?

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Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Inspiration Room

There are several major groups discussing the current reality of UAPs or UFOs in our world: the official narrative (eg. U.S. government and major media), the narrative of UFO researchers themselves, and what is understood by the general public, including private podcasters.

The government/media narrative tends to be simple, incomplete, and often dishonest. UFO researchers tend only to be slightly better. The result is that the public still has little genuine knowledge.

The reason is because of what is missing in the conversation: the daily global activity of UFOs, the widespread reality of contact, what “their” intentions appear to be, the reasons for their covert behavior, and the deep nature of the coverup itself.

This is true despite the last five-plus years of “openness” on UAP/UFO. We have graduated to the level we reached in the 1950s: a recognition that “something may be out there” and “we will try to figure it out.” Meanwhile something important is happening, which is also occurring during a time in which the human race itself is undergoing a forcible revolution.

UFO historian Richard Dolan will discuss what is missing in our understanding of this crucial phenomena.


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