Unconscious Abductions

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Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Discovery Room

Are you an experiencer and don’t know it? Or do you suspect that you have had one or more contact encounters but can’t be sure if this was a real event or if you were simply imagining an encounter? Perhaps you had a UFO sighting, but it may have been more than simply “witnessing” a craft in the sky. Under regression it has been discovered that some UFO sightings have actually included witnesses having direct interaction with non-human intelligence.

Alexis will delve deep into these questions and present a spectrum of scenarios that shows evidence that many more people on this planet are having encounters and are completely unaware of their experiences.

We will examine important clues for contact encounters including lifelong phobias, childhood trauma and intergenerational connections, as a string of possible entry points into the phenomenon of individual contact.

In this comprehensive presentation, you will not only discover whether or not you may be in contact with non human intelligence, this will open up possibilities that our unsuspecting masses never imagined: Questions that have never been asked will suddenly be on the table… “Am I an experiencer?” And if the answer is “yes,” our entire species will be poised for a complete shift in understanding not only who “they” are, but who we are as well.


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