The Space In-Between
Lecture with Jason Quitt
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Inspiration Room

Jason Quitt is a leading mind behind astral and multi-dimensional theories. His questions behind paranormal experiences and spacecraft sightings are inciting shifts behind common preconceptions in the UFOlogy world. We are led to believe that UFOs are from distant planets, traveling through space to visit Earth. But what if we have it all wrong?
What if these ships are not traveling through space, but traveling through a portal system that is dimensional in nature with dimensional technology. What if there are many Earth plane realities that are just out of phase with our 3rd dimensional world? What if ‘extraterrestrial contact’ wasn’t coming from outer space, but from within the dimensions of Earth itself? Jason is going to explore these new areas by linking personal experiences, contact experiences, ancient mythology, and new scientific knowledge that are starting to put the puzzle pieces together.