Are we evolving as a species? If so, what is the evidence? How is this phenomenon linked to Encounters with (NHI)Non-Human Intelligences and Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon(UAP)?

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Mary explores the hypotheses that Homo Sapiens Sapiens is a ‘intelligently designed’ species, intimately linked to its creators both genetically and spiritually. Coupled with a complex intergenerational “programs’ over millennia, which suggest these programs are orchestrated to instigate a heightened consciousness shift resulting in a new more multidimensionally aware human? Co-founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) Mary’s research data from over 3,000 families and children, support the hypotheses that psycho-spiritual transformation one of the significant outcomes of Contact experience. This important outcome is supported by the comprehensive surveys facilitated by The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Experiences, (FREE) of which Mary is also a co-founder. The FREE surveys completed by 4,200 individuals has revealed astonishing data to support the hypothesis Contactee’s, and Experiencers of Contact resulted in 85% experienced a positive psycho-spiritual consciousness shift. This research also indicated ‘Encounters’ can be experienced after a Near death experience (NDE’s,) Out of body experience (OBE’s, ) Kundalini activation, Remote viewing, hallucinogenic journeys, healing energy practices both giving and receiving healing and being exposed to sacred sites, energy centers, Ley lines, Crop circles, music, art work, the ‘light/star languages” and Cosmic frequencies. Is Homo Sapiens Sapiens being assisted by NHI’s to evolve through a series of complex programs into a new ‘upgraded’ species? What is the evidence? How is Contact with NHI’s linked to human labels: Star Children, Indigo, Crystal, ‘letter people,’ ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Dyslexia. Are the labels indicating a genetic dysfunction or possibly an orchestrated phenomenon to upgrade humans? Why do some individuals feel more connected to ‘non-human intelligences than their human family? If so, what does this mean for our species? The late Command Sergeant Robert Dean mentioned his time with NHI’s was shown by them ”Humanity is a work in progress, an unfinished masterpiece.” Are we indeed an evolving species being assisted to discover who we really are? If so, what does this mean for humanity?