The Giants of Stonehenge and Their Lost Legacy in America

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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Location: Inspiration Room

Hugh Newman explores how technically advanced giants with supernatural powers from a ‘lost land’ founded ancient Britain and made their way over to America and beyond. An examination of ancient texts, archaic traditions, DNA research and prehistoric lore that gives an alternative view of the founding of Albion (ancient Britain). The earliest British giants were a culture of high kings with supernatural powers, astronomical knowledge and geomantic skills, ruling from cyclopean mountaintop forts. Their secret traditions and esoteric knowledge were maintained for over 10,000 years in elite groups with accounts saying that were survivors from a lost, sunken realm, with further connections to the Bible Lands and even Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Many megalithic sites were said to be built by these giants incorporating their advanced skills, and hundreds of skeletons have been unearthed at them, with over 250 giant discoveries reported across the British Isles. From here, they migrated to America bringing their ideas and technologies with them, where thousands of skeletons have been unearthed in mounds that are identical to those in Britain.


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