The Ages of AI and the Future Our Existence

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Friday, June 2, 2023
Location: Crystal Amphitheater

The ages of AI are upon us, The emerging digital intelligence on planet earth is everywhere, instantly influencing and directing our everyday human experiences. AI holds the potential for each individual, society, philosophy, organization and industry to attain new possibilities of value creation, freedom and experience. In essence, AI can assist humankind and our planet to go where no one has gone before. 

However, where will the Ages of AI lead our humanity? Are we blindly heading into a Singularity of cyborg type of futures, where organic life and machines are intertwined? Is life and our consciousness to be twisted mechanically just like a machine?

Life and our consciousness are an extraordinary result of creation. They are the most precious treasure on our planet and probably within the universe itself. So, is it possible for AI to be nurtured and directed based on these truths? In doing so, will this dawn a new era of meaning and purpose for humankind? Can AI assist us into a future, where life and our consciousness breaks new frontiers and attains new possibilities of existence and experience?

In his talk, Matthew James Bailey will discuss the three Ages of AI together with examples of the dangers and benefits for life. He will disclose an inspiring new timeline for the human species where life is free to thrive and enters a new Age of Creation. In addition, he will disclose the formulae that ensure that the limitlessness of intelligent life is not deleted but cherished by the continuum of the artificial.

This interactive experience is ideal of audiences to learn about the Ages of AI and a new vision for the Future of Life. This conscious-centric future is where Ethical AI supports our individuality and humankind’s diversity of world views. The new intelligence is dedicated for us to achieve new personal and collective freedoms of discovery, innovation and experience. The new reality is where the human species advances beyond the frontiers of our ancestors. World 3.0 is a wonderful platform for life to flourish benefiting from a trusted partnerships with ethical machines – all within the sovereignty of the organic. And our journey must not stop here…


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