Testing the Mandela Effect: The False Memories of the Masses
Lecture with Adam Curry
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Endeavor Room

Adam M. Curry is an innovator and pioneer of new-paradigm sciences, investing in andinventing means for humanity’s collective consciousness to grow and expand. Adam’s talk will cover the curiosities behind the Mandela Effect, or the bizarre differences between collective memories and the real world. This subject has become a viral phenomenon in both mainstream and alternative media. Is the Mandela Effect simply widespread false memory syndrome, or could physical reality be shifting behind the scenes? Adam will discuss some of best examples of the effect, cover a variety of proposed explanations, and relate some of his adventures attempting to create “mini Mandela Effects” using quantum devices in his lab. Join Adam for an incredible chance to learn the science and most up-to-date research behind collective memories and how they impact our global consciousness.