SkyWatch is a passive multistatic radar network that uses commercial broadcast transmitters of opportunity to estimate 3D position and velocity time series of objects at altitudes up to 80 km, horizontal distances up to 150 km, and at velocities to +/-2 km/s (+/-6 Mach). The network is deployed by interested citizens who want to democratize radar data and know what is going on in the skies above. Each SkyWatch node is a sensitive receiver that is deployed residentially to obtain raw radar echoes from small to large airborne objects. Detections from each node are combined to derive object positions and velocities. These real-time tracks can reveal unambiguous, quantitative, anomalous kinematics that are often associated with UAP. The fully deployed network results in nation-wide coverage with scientific-grade measurements. The system operates in any weather with a range about ten times site distance, providing about 1000 times greater probability of detecting UAP than optical systems.

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