A U.S. Government Senior Scientist’s Quest For Extraterrestrial Truth
Lecture with Raymond Szymanski
Time: Sunday, May 31, 2020
Location: Enterprise Room

“The material we picked up was not of this planet… it was taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for inspection.” – Major Jesse Marcel, the US Army Air Force Intelligence Officer who initially retrieved the famous 1947 Roswell crash wreckage.

In January 1973, on his first work-study assignment at the legendary Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Raymond Szymanski’s designated mentor told him that the base held “aliens and their machine that came from a crash out West.” Raymond put that stunning revelation to the test many times in his subsequent forty years at Wright-Patterson.  Join him as he takes you deep inside the fabled top-secret government facility to recount his personal and often rewarding quest for extraterrestrial truth.


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