Lecture with Michael Johnson
Sunday, June 2, 2019
Location: Atlantis Room

One of the theories proposed to explain alien visitation is that of trans-dimensional travel. Many UFO sighting accounts describe sudden disappearance of these objects, both visually and on radar, as if they slip into another dimension. A concurrent discussion is that of Resonance Theory, proposing that at a fundamental quantum state, everything is in a state of vibration. Do these two theories inform each other? Can current neuroscience help us understand how these phenomena of human consciousness and alien intelligence intersect? As a consequence of a decade of brain research and advancing neuroimaging, there are emerging models of how it may be possible for us to make direct contact.

MICHAEL JOHNSON, MD, is a retired psychiatrist from the clinical and academic orbits surrounding Harvard Medical School. He became interested in alien visitation and abduction after debriefing a patient of Dr. John Mack, deceased Harvard Psychiatrist known for his studies of abductees. Having read Erich Von Daniken’s works as an undergraduate, Dr. Johnson has maintained an interest in UFO phenomena, and has been a member of the Contact community for the last six years. The evidence for ET visitation is substantial, from archeological findings, to
astronaut/pilot reports, to first person accounts.

This is an introductory presentation. Some of it will be familiar to previous attendees. Some of it will be useful for the attendee new to the conference, but it will be a humored and informative talk for all.