Molecular and Post-Molecular Technologies for Communication with Advanced Post-Biological Intelligences

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Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Inspiration Room

One of the most reliable and startling features of the high-dose “breakthrough” experience with the powerful psychedelic molecule N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is the encounter with what appear (and often claim) to be extremely advanced hyper-intelligences inhabiting a hyper-technological space far beyond anything that could conceivably exist in this Universe. 

 Although it’s tempting to dismiss these encounters as mere hallucination, I will explain why this is potentially a huge mistake and why this position is supported by the neuroscience of perception and by the evolutionary and technological trajectories of intelligent life both within and possibly beyond our space-time. I will compare DMT entity encounters with alien abduction experiences and explain why John Mack’s conclusion that the abduction phenomenon is likely to be largely non-physical can shed light on the advanced beings often encountered in the DMT state. I will consider the forms these post-biological intelligences might take and why psychedelic molecules might be the most efficient tools for establishing extended, two-way communication with them.   

Finally, I will discuss the extended-state DMT infusion technology (DMTx) recently developed for inducing and maintaining an individual within the DMT space for an indefinite period of time, and possible future post-molecular technologies that will allow us to rapidly “switch” in and out the DMT space or remain there semi-permanently (see my workshop for the deep dive into this!).


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