Lecture with Dr. Michael Salla
Time: Friday, May 29, 2020
Location: Atlantis Room

Does China have a secret space program (SSP)? According to the US Navy, China harbors electromagnetically-propelled spacecraft and other stunningly advanced technologies. Only decades ago China was an underdeveloped third world nation, so how did it achieve such a remarkable leap going from technological rags to riches? The answer involves a cat-and-mouse game with bizarre consequences involving the FBI, US military, and a brilliant young Chinese aerospace scientist.

In his relentless quest for the truth, Dr. Salla’s latest research has uncovered that the founding father of China’s SSP was one of the visionary founders of the US Air Force’s SSP. While studying within the US, Dr. Tsien Hsue-Shen (aka Qian Xuesen) became a protégé of the legendary aerospace pioneer Dr. Theodore von Karman. Working together with von Karman, Tsien was exposed to exotic propulsion systems as a scientific consultant to the US (Army) Air Force from 1944 to 1949, and helped develop the long-term blueprint for its SSP.

Dr. Tsien was part of the Army Air Force’s Operation Lusty that interrogated Nazi scientists, and brought back Germany’s most advanced aviation technologies to the US – including flying saucers. Even more startling, Dr. Tsien worked with the Scientific Advisory Board which analyzed flying saucer debris retrieved from Roswell and other sites in New Mexico from 1947-1949. Shortly thereafter, the FBI targeted Dr. Tsien and in 1955, he was deported to Communist China. Highly unusual events led to him transferring to China a wealth of advanced technology secrets concerning rocketry, nuclear energy, antigravity propulsion, Nazi flying saucers and extraterrestrial spacecraft. Was this all preplanned?

After first helping China develop a conventional rocket and nuclear program, Tsien developed a blueprint for an SSP to be developed. In the 1990’s, China covertly began building aerospace vehicles using exotic propulsion technologies after its rapid economic expansion finally made sufficient resources available for this monumental undertaking.

Rise of the Red Dragon represents China’s launch of a powerful military-run secret space program, which in the short-term aims to challenge US dominance in near-Earth space operations, and in the long term aims to supplant the US as the global hegemon. Sometime in the late 2020’s, China’s economy will outgrow the US, and it will increasingly use its vast economic resources to project its presence into space in ways that may precipitate a military crisis with the US. Tsien’s role in helping establish both US and Chinese SSPs raises the possibility that he is a “World Historical” individual whose legacy can inspire the US and China to bridge their differences so that humanity can peacefully project itself deep into our solar system and beyond.

(Special Note: Dr. Michael Salla’s upcoming new book release is due out in late spring 2020, entitled Rise of the Red Dragon: China’s Secret Space Program. This will be Book Five of the Secret Space Program Series.)


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