Guarded Secrets of Sacred Sites: Understanding Gaia’s Hidden Power Revealed
Lecture with Maria Wheatley
Time: Sunday, May 31, 2020
Location: Inspiration Room

Author and second-generation Master Dowser, Maria Wheatley, explores how the ancient architects of sacred sites from Egypt to Stonehenge skillfully integrated earth energies into their megalithic architecture. Our distant forefathers utilized certain types of geodetic patterns of energies for healing, transformation, and to raise consciousness. Yet, what is ancient knowledge if it cannot be applied to today’s modern population? Incredible earth energies interlace the planet, and Maria will instruct you on how to find Gaia’s most powerful healing energies, just like the megalithic geomants once did.  For centuries, historical accounts have reported miraculous mass healings at certain sacred sites; and although the methods of discovery have been repressed, Maria will show you how to locate similar radiant spots anywhere on the planet.

Maria will reveal some closely guarded geomantic secrets about ley lines.  For example, some ley lines have a particular frequency that can activate the throat chakra. The Knights Templar and other Secret Societies incorporated the ley line crossing points into medieval churches, cathedrals and lodges and sited pulpits upon them to induce the so-called ‘Word of God’. Maria demonstrates how the grid could be utilized today in schools and hospitals to assist speech disorders in children, or adults; serving humanity, rather than repressing geodetic truths -for the select few. We can all be empowered by the Earth Force and be guided by Her energies as were the megalithic builders. Taught by European Master Dowsers and Chinese Geomants, Maria will show you that there is far more to Stonehenge than being a mere observatory, and there’s far more to ancient temples than just initiation and ritual…

The ancients also avoided specific lines of force, as they knew that some global grids have a dark and detrimental ‘Shadow’ – an opposing force – that is negative. For centuries, Secret Societies and the global elite have utilized the Shadow grids to dumb people down. We need to be fully aware of the Shadow grids, so that we remain in good physical and mental health. Living in harmony with Gaia Is the way forward.  Maria uses state-of-the-art equipment to prove the power within the earth exists, sharing with you ancient wisdom for a modern, and awake, generation.


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