Let’s Explore Beyond the Colorado High Strangeness Ranch – What’s Next?  

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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Location: Enterprise Room

Katie’s presentation will take you on a personal journey, as she shares with you what she’s uncovered in her decade’s long pursuit of answers to her experiences on a Colorado Ranch. In UFO folklore, it was known as the “Clearview” Ranch and pre-dates the Skinwalker Ranch by over a decade and a half.

At the time the newspaper headlines dubbed the ranch the “Close Encounter Capital of the US”.  A place of mystery and intrigue, it has been written about in several books, including Hunt for The Skinwalker by Colm A. Kelleher Ph.D. & George Knapp, Alien Contact: Top-Secret UFO Files Revealed by Timothy Good, and many others.

The ranch was investigated by Dr. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D. Some of the activities experienced on the ranch and in the area include dozens of cattle mutilations, menacing copters, mysterious lights, unusual humming sounds, paranormal activity, burn marks on the ground, baffling disappearing boxes, strange entities, disembodied “electrical” voices, and Sasquatch encounters.

She will share her insights and focus this presentation on phenomena often associated with this level of contact. Such as dark figures, blue orbs, paranormal phenomena, psychic abilities, lucid dreams and/or precognitive dreams, and synchronizations beyond chance: Is there a connection?

Katie will also discuss and analyze some of her “hitchhiker” experiences with all of you and share audio clips from her hypnosis session with the late Dr. Leo Sprinkle Ph.D. and talk about what’s next in connecting these high strangeness locations together.

Let’s explore beyond the Colorado High Strangeness Ranch!


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