Disclosure is Coming: #MonthsNotYears

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Saturday, June 3, 2023
Location: Endeavor Room

For a quarter century political activist Stephen Bassett has passionately advocated for the formal confirmation of the presence in our world of technology piloted or controlled by non-human intelligence – Disclosure. He has made the case in 20 countries the Truth Embargo imposed on this issue by the U.S. Government must end and the existential reasons why it can’t happen too soon.

From the moment of the Trinity atom bomb test – one year prior to the events at Roswell, NM – the non-human presence has been entwined with the global nuclear arms race in ways we are finally coming to acknowledge. One of two outcomes will prevail – Disclosure or nuclear war.

Stephen will focus on all relevant developments in 2023 that may well include as of the CITD the first congressional hearings taking testimony from military witnesses to UAP related events and evidence including the shutdown of nuclear weapons.


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