From Skinwalker Ranch in Utah to Bradshaw Ranch in Sedona and Bempton in the UK science and history writer Andrew Collins provides extraordinary evidence for the existence of a global network, containing suspected trans-dimensional portals.

What is a portal location? How can we recognize one? How do they function and how can we use them? More pressingly, where can they be found?

Andrew reveals current research into these invisible doorways located within multi-dimensional space. These portals have been associated with the manifestation of strange orbs of light, structured craft, bizarre cryptids (alien big cats, canine-headed bipeds known as lycaons, as well as other exotic creatures), along with animal mutilations, strange disappearances, missing time experiences and an assortment of energetic anomalies. Andrew will demonstrate that at the core of many major portal locations are both recurring geological environments, as well as the presence across an extended period of time of ritualistic human activity. More importantly, he explores the idea that behind such locations are invisible intelligences that by their observed nature and actions would appear to be not only omnipotent, but also multi-dimensional in form. Very likely these intelligences have been interacting with humanity since the beginning of time. Such entities are referred to as “n-Beings, from the term “n-Dimensions,” with “n” standing for the unknown number of dimensions in which they move.