Giants in Prehistory and the Mystery of the Megaliths

Lecture with

Brad Olsen

Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Atlantis Room

There is ample evidence of very tall, human-like beings existing on earth in prehistory. Some had elongated skulls, while others had double rows of teeth and sometimes an extra digit on their hands and feet. Human-like, but not quite human as we know ourselves to be. From the giants uncovered in the earthen mounds of North America, to the elongated skulls on display in South America, Brad Olsen will span the globe and present the best evidence. Similarly, the megalithic constructions around the world also hold many mysteries. How were they constructed so precisely? Who built them? Why did they need to be so massive? By what technique were they constructed, and how were they moved from the quarries? To learn about the magnificent marvels our our ancient past is to truly understand the full journey of humanity.”


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