ET Contact Turned ‘Belief’ Into Knowledge: What Helped Me Beat Stage 4 Cancer

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Sunday, June 4, 2023
Location: Discovery Room

The human is a magnificent creation, and most don’t even realize they are a creation at all. With ET’s gift of pre-calculus mathematics at age 2, and a photographic memory, the foundation for an amazing understanding of the Verse was started. Michael was also given a ‘dream’ in 1966, that included the history of the solar system, including the introduction of rogue planet Venus, the destruction of Tiamat, and Mars’ new job as a damaged planet.

The 1980s were his decade as a satellite/missile engineer with TS+ clearance.

After his face-to-face visit with three 8′ Cruxian beings in 2001, frequency and vibratory interrelations (that some call chemical bonds) became things to manipulate at the micro-level, and Michael began to understand human tissue and how it can be generated from the aether.

This presentation will reveal the fact that we all have this ability, and that we don’t need ET to visit us to learn this, KNOW this, and start practical application of that knowledge.


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