Investigating UFOs: Hi-Tech Detecting & Documenting
Lecture with Ben Hansen
Sunday, June 2, 2019
Location: Discovery Room

Will capturing physical proof be the ultimate smoking gun that will convince the masses that the UFO phenomenon is real? How good is today’s filming technology and what can we expect in the future? How should I document my own UFO sighting? What other technologies might be able to detect extraterrestrial or advanced human craft? Hansen has been investigating UFO sightings for years both on and off the air for popular TV shows such as Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files on the Syfy Channel and UFOs Declassified on Smithsonian. You’ll find him later this summer hosting a paranormal series on the Travel Channel.

As an industry leader in using night vision and thermal cameras for UFO research, Hansen will review night vision and experimental ‘cross-over’ technology borrowed from paranormal ghost investigators who research the interdimensional hypothesis. As an airplane pilot, Hansen will discuss how to use aviation resources to verify and document sightings. With better documentation and support for current projects, we might be able to finally convince even the most ardent skeptics the UFO subject deserves attention.