Ancient Future Technology & Physics: The Unified Science of Starships, Energy & Consciousness
Lecture with Adam Apollo

What do the Great Pyramid, Starships, mathematical constants, biological geometry, precataclysmic civilizations, Leonardo DaVinci, Shakespeare, and unified physics have in common? How do the secrets of our Ancient Past contain keys to unlocking our Galactic Future? In this presentation, Adam Apollo will unfold the codices of the Atlantian Age hidden in precious art and architecture across cultures, reveal their relationships to the Unified Physics of Spacetime – in a simplified manner – and provide a clear roadmap to building superluminal Starships. Discover humanity’s destiny in becoming a Galactic Civilization, and the critical technology, physics, and cultural shifts necessary for us to get there.

Adam Apollo’s keynote presentation from CITD 2019 is available to watch online, and provides insights into the relationships between Unified Physics and Consciousness, a wonderful foundation for this next lecture.


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