Stonehenge: The Longheaded Civilisation & Earth Energies
Lecture with Maria Wheatley
Friday, May 31, 2019
Location: Atlantis Room

In this unforgettable lecture, Maria Wheatley presents a fascinating new take on Stonehenge. The long-headed, long-lost civilization of ancient Britons chose Stonehenge as their spiritual capital in the late Neolithic age (3000BC), raising earthen monuments a full thousand years before the earliest stone circle building phase began. Their advanced culture was matriarchal, priestess based, and skillfully integrated lunar alignments into Stonehenge for moonlit ceremonies that were both complex and visually stunning.
Moving gigantic stones to form unusual megalithic settings, the long-headed people developed a prehistoric ley line network without technology nor modern science to guide them. No heavier stones would be ever be raised in prehistory; though the later Bronze Age British culture, the round-skulled people, erected stone circles around their earlier stone settings. Locating deep underground water sources, the long-headed people placed their stone settings upon the spiral energy pattern the water emits, imbuing the stones with perpetual energy. Maria will present scientific evidence and separate fact from fiction, to show you a new view of megalithic sites.

Maria has researched and analyzed male and female elongated skulls from the Stonehenge environs, as well as a child’s skull, to honor and learn from the people of the past. She will take you on a breath-taking pictorial journey of ancient sites that the long-headed civilization constructed, and reveal their tragic demise to bring you the untold history of Stonehenge.