David Childress


Megalithic Structures Around the World & On the Moon

History Channel’s Ancient Aliens co-star David Hatcher Childress takes us around the world and into outer space in search of megalithic structures made with high technology, anti-gravity and power tools. Join David in a fascinating discussion of megalithic construction, obelisks, Nikola Tesla, structures on the Moon and Mars and much more!


Conversations with David Childress: Your Chance to Ask Your Questions About Megalithic Structures, How Were they Built? When? By Whom? A Group Participation in Researching Our Past

David Hatcher Childress presents more megalithic enigmas around the world and then discusses the relationship between obelisks, Tesla and Mars. Here is your chance to ask your questions and get your answers to the puzzling facts and mysterious anomalies that make up these megalithic sites not only on Earth, but on other planets in our universe.




Please Note: A full weekend pass purchase is required in order to purchase workshops and intensives.

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