David Wilcock


Consciousness Geometry and Ascension

Breaking new science reveals that consciousness occurs in the brain in the form of sacred geometry. Seemingly separate bundles of neurons are co-firing in the shape of cubes, octahedrons and other geometries as well, completely apart from the normal connection of the synapses. The scientists report that there are tens of millions of these geometric patterns occurring even in small areas of the brain, and they work like fractals – as if we were seeing them through a microscope and a telescope at the same time.

This is a monumental and anticipated breakthrough in the unified science that David Wilcock has been developing since the late 1990s. David will argue that thought is geometry, and geometry is thought. This is highly relevant and exciting once we realize that this knowledge is the key to our Ascension. The prophecies do tell us that we are on the threshold of a complete transformation in terms of what it means to be human. By understanding how your mind actually works, and the unified science behind it, you can greatly accelerate your own Ascension.


Monday Intensive


Ascension Preparation: How to Be Ready

We may be as little as ten years away from a solar flash or “micro-nova” event that has multi-dimensional properties, thanks to the uniquely conscious geometry involved in the alignment we are heading into. Once we have reviewed the evidence suggesting such an event is indeed incoming, the real question becomes how we best prepare ourselves for it in body, mind and spirit.

Various religions and spiritual traditions gave us an idea of the basics, and with the benefit of newer authenticated teachings like the Law of One series, we can go far deeper. You will learn practical techniques to help identify stumbling blocks that have been holding you back from success, prosperity and getting the love you want. At the same time, you will be spring-loading your Ascension process as we inevitably head closer and closer to this quantum leap in evolution!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see David Wilcock go deeply into the hidden spiritual teachings that can unlock the future for you and those you love.


Lecture A

Lost Pyramids of a Global Civilization

Insiders now reveal that the first wave of disclosure may present us with high-quality video of brand-new undersea pyramid ruins. We already have undeniable evidence of a global civilization that built pyramids all over the world… in Antarctica, Australia, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, India and North America as well as the known players in Egypt and Mesoamerica. Add in megalithic architecture and the scope widens even more.

Join David as he presents the latest evidence that this lost civilization must have been worldwide. Learn how they levitated the stones into place and the importance of natural Earth energy fields in doing so. This presentation is rich with exciting photographs and will leave you in shock as you realize the scope and power of this ancient civilization that is hiding right out in the open! Discover their message… and warning… for today.


Lecture B

Scientific Proof of Portals and the Global Grid

Ivan T. Sanderson discovered that the vast majority of air and sea vanishings all cluster together into twelve points on the earth’s surface. Amazingly, these points are equidistant from one another and form a simple geometric pattern. The classified world is well aware of this “Global Grid” and the power it conveys. Why do these certain points on the earth facilitate levitation and dematerialization? Are classified projects using this science today to facilitate portal travel?

David Wilcock rolls up his sleeves and digs into compelling Russian science that shows us exactly what portals are, how they work, why they appear at these points, and the unique conversion of gravitational energy into electromagnetic energy that takes place within them. You will hear multiple eyewitness reports of people going through portals, what happens to them, and how even natural time travel occurs… from just a few days of “time slip” to far longer events.


Lecture with Elizabeth Wilcock


ET human females have been visiting this planet for millions of years. In more recent times, they have helped to establish the presence and principles of the divine feminine. What is the divine feminine and how is her presence crucial to our entry into the cosmic family? Join Elizabeth Wilcock and David Wilcock as we explore the ancient and future role of the feminine in Ascension, Disclosure and galactic civilization.


Sunday Panel


WILCOCK PANEL: The Tipping Point

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